Chinese New Year in Canada

Kung Hei Fat Choi! This blog is a little bit late to be written but i would still like to share my first experience in celebrating the Chinese new year myself literally with Chinese people in Chinatown at Toronto’s Spadina Avenue. All i can say for that experience was FUN!

The Chinatown in Toronto is located in a long street of Dundas, it is an interesting town with impressive traditions in every events they celebrate! As expected there are lots of people in the area ready to celebrate the most awaited event of the year.
Joining the event, people are warm giving a lots of giveaways like a lot! Red envelopes with something interesting sweet inside ❤,giving red envelopes is the most common thing to do on Chinese new year particularly for their employees or love ones, it usually comes with money inside, but in this event its candy, it would be nice if they’re giving money though hahahaha! There were chocolates (it was rocher ferrero and we keep on coming back to get more 😅), fans, bags, notes, water bottles, night lamp, and more!
There’s a lot of activities as well, like games and we tried to play all the games offered in every booth! Except to one with cotton candy twirling coz its basically just for kids! Hahaha we really want to have a cotton candy though 😄 too bad! 😆 and luckily we almost like really almost won all the games we played! Sounds like luck was with us on that day!
In that event also i wrote my first ever Chinese scripture which i exerted a lot of efforts while writing it! It was not easy! Phew! Hahaha and i was so happy when i asked a Chinese person if he can read it when im done and he can read it! he said its readable! 😍 So i feel like i did a very great job!!!! (Tap on my back!) the scripture i wrote means “Huge Luck and Huge Benefit” i really hope that luck will continue to be with me forever! So as to you! ❤
The dragon dance was one of the highlights of the event, it was so interesting to watch and learned how a dragon can bring luck and prosperity.
With this fun, new and interesting experience i would be looking forward to join the next celebration next year again and hope luck is still with me 😉
Anyways here’s my few tips for you on joining the event!
Tips in Joining Chinese New year! :
1. Don’t be afraid to try all their games coz its fun and a nice experience as well.

2. Don’t forget to have freebies☺️ its for everybody

3. Watch the dragon dance, coz its interesting

4. Take a red envelope with you coz theres something nice inside

5. Talk to the local Chinese about the event they will be delighted to answer

6. Embrace luck with you 😘
You’re welcome ☺️


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