Coping with the Danes

Hej allesammen! I personally can consider Denmark as one of the best places on earth! as proof, it holds the title for the happiest place on earth for couple of years! this will attest my claim 😊. Living in Denmark for 2 years is one of the most unforgettable and memorable experiences I had. There were lots of “firsts” and “new” for me. First international flight, first snowfall, first snowman, first autumn, first spring, and first dane language. New people, new friends, new culture, new food and so on and so forth. I can’t write it all here I’m afraid the space won’t be enough 🤣

In Denmark, I live with the sweet and warm family in Kolding, a great and lovely town in the country side. Danish people are so accommodating and treats people equally in any form. We live in a house with an outstanding and fantastic view of the ocean which gives you a different kind of calmness in every season. Chilly vibe on winter when the sea literally turns into ice. It gets really cold that when a ship  comes to dock, a machine has to melt some parts of the ice first so that the ship can get through. On summer, the sun’s rays reflects on the water which creates a dramatic color and glittering reflection. The kids in the house are lovely and kind just like their parents. Having “Fredag Sliks” or Friday Sweets”,  sort of a Danish tradition every Friday, is my favorite day of the week! Eating goodies and sweets while watching “Disney Sjov” with the whole family is always a “hygge” time ❤️ the only treat I don’t like is the popular Danish “lakrids” or liquorice. I just don’t like how it tastes but  kids love it so much so trading sweets is very popular among us. 😅 A great addition to the family are the two big and fluffy maine coon cats. The Kehler family has always made me feel welcome and at home right from the start and it made my stay so enjoyable.

2013-04-01 12.34.29
coz biking is our thing ♥
2013-04-01 12.35.37
Lovely Kehler kids ♥♥♥
Charlotte and I picked spring flowers in Trapholt museum
Legoland with them ♥
Adam is making dinner for everyone 🙂
Philip and Adam at school ground.
Adam the police, protecting Charlotte ♥

In the span of 2 years I’ve been in school to learn the Danish language, which for me was very, very like VERY difficult and complicated! Like the spelling differs so much on pronouncing the words! It gives me headache when I thought I did pronounce the word correctly but in reality I am way far from relaying the exact word. But nonetheless after months of studying I can say I did learn something 😂. Not just that, I did meet new people from different parts of the world as well ‘coz our class has 15 different nationalities, It was fun knowing them.

I met a lot of other people as well during my stay. Some has been great and trusted friends while others were just born backstabbers! That’s why there were a lot of dramas. Ranting in social media which I find very immature and uncouth.  They were just nice when they are in front of you but hold up! Once you turn your back the ill-fated-personality-saga begins. So I say to myself “it’s ok to be nice but guard yourself from toxic people. Go with the flow but never forget where you stand” but well I know my grounds so keber to the ill-fated-people ui! 😝 On the lighter note, the good friends that I had bonded a lot in Denmark are still my friends till now! Thank you internet for keeping us online hahaha! 🤓

Denmark might not be a big country but there are numerous little towns that has a lot to offer to  people. Interesting history, rich culture and beautiful castles. My cousins and I tried our best to explore several intriguing and fantastic cities as we can. And that will be my next blog! Just hang on there ‘coz various write ups are coming .😊  All in all my stay in Denmark will be forever in my heart!  and coping with the danes are surely a memories worth to be treasured. Tusind tak Danmark


6 thoughts on “Coping with the Danes

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  1. Relate much! I had a good time staying in Denmark too. One of the best country 😊 I become more independent and responsible and at the same time party going for my two years of stayed in Dk.

    Anyway, well done Xann 👍👏
    Keep sharing your lovely story 😚


  2. Never thought you’d write this though! 😉Anyways😊 Very well said 👏👏 Good thing is, I do have now “A FANTASTIC WRITER” couzin which i’m pretty much proud of 🤗😙😚 Enjoy all the rare and lucky moments ☺ Looking forward to be part of your journey though🤔😏 SOMEDAY 😊🙄


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