All around Denmark

For two years, I’ve been wandering Denmark as much as I can together with my cousins and newly found friends. This country has so much to offer to everyone. Say historical castles, breathtaking fjords, home of legos-Legoland, water parks, gigantic statues, legendary vikings, and home of the world-famous fairy tale author Hans Christian Andersen often referred as H.C. Andersen in Scandinavia . To give you some ideas, well he’s just the one who wrote the remarkable “The Little Mermaid”, “The Emperor’s New Clothes”, “The Ugly Duckling”, “Thumbelina” and a lot more.

Here are some of my travels around Denmark. I’m only posting most of the popular destination and cities of the country.

Kolding, Denmark:

A quite city with both fjords and subnormal beaches, plus the old castles.

An enthralling town sheathed with snow.

Copenhagen, Denmark 

The capital city, where the royal family lives in a palace. The most popular tourist attraction here is th  iconic “The Little Mermaid” statue by the sea. There are also a few numbers of magical castles with mystical huge gardens in the city which is accessible for tourist.

Princess Ariel-from The Little Mermaid with her subordinates 🙂

Århus, Denmark:

The second largest city next to Copenhagen. It offers historical museums and an articulate set of arts.

Odense, Denmark:

The third largest city and the hometown of Hans Christian Andersen. We had the chance to see his childhood house and his museum, we felt that we’ve been part of his story for a short while.

Ribe, Denmark :

Has one of the tallest tower in an old church, where you can see the whole city and the neighboring town.

Esbjerg, Denmark: 

The place of the famous big four white statues that’s called “Man Meets The Sea”.

Blåvand, Denmark:

Place for beach lovers and solemn cottages. This is one of the favorite places to go on summer.

Vejle, Denmark:

The architecture in this city is very rewarding. The concept is outstanding so as the fjords.


Skagen, Denmark: 

This place is considered as one of the ends of the earth.  This place is famous for its great scenery and rich history.

At one of the ends of the earth 😀

Råbjerg Mile, Denmark:

The desert area in Denmark. Who have thought this cold country has a special desert hiding in one place?

Frederikshavn, Denmark:

This town is known for fishing and industrial harbors.





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