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For two years, I’ve been wandering Denmark as much as I can together with my cousins and newly found friends. This country has so much to offer to everyone. Say historical castles, breathtaking fjords, home of legos-Legoland, water parks, gigantic statues, legendary vikings, and home of the world-famous fairy tale author Hans Christian Andersen often referred as H.C. Andersen in Scandinavia . To give you some ideas, well he’s just the one who wrote the remarkable “The Little Mermaid”, “The Emperor’s New Clothes”, “The Ugly Duckling”, “Thumbelina” and a lot more.

Here are some of my travels around Denmark. I’m only posting most of the popular destination and cities of the country.

Kolding, Denmark:

A quite city with both fjords and subnormal beaches, plus the old castles.

An enthralling town sheathed with snow.

Copenhagen, Denmark 

The capital city, where the royal family lives in a palace. The most popular tourist attraction here is th  iconic “The Little Mermaid” statue by the sea. There are also a few numbers of magical castles with mystical huge gardens in the city which is accessible for tourist.

Princess Ariel-from The Little Mermaid with her subordinates 🙂

Århus, Denmark:

The second largest city next to Copenhagen. It offers historical museums and an articulate set of arts.

Odense, Denmark:

The third largest city and the hometown of Hans Christian Andersen. We had the chance to see his childhood house and his museum, we felt that we’ve been part of his story for a short while.

Ribe, Denmark :

Has one of the tallest tower in an old church, where you can see the whole city and the neighboring town.

Esbjerg, Denmark: 

The place of the famous big four white statues that’s called “Man Meets The Sea”.

Blåvand, Denmark:

Place for beach lovers and solemn cottages. This is one of the favorite places to go on summer.

Vejle, Denmark:

The architecture in this city is very rewarding. The concept is outstanding so as the fjords.


Skagen, Denmark: 

This place is considered as one of the ends of the earth.  This place is famous for its great scenery and rich history.

At one of the ends of the earth 😀

Råbjerg Mile, Denmark:

The desert area in Denmark. Who have thought this cold country has a special desert hiding in one place?

Frederikshavn, Denmark:

This town is known for fishing and industrial harbors.




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How to Get to Cheltenham Badlands from Toronto by Bus

Do you want to have a glimpse of planet Mars on Earth? Then don’t miss this chance! The Cheltenham Badlands which is located in Caledon, Ontario is now open to public viewing again after 3 years. It was closed way back year 2015 for conservation because the Badlands were “damaged” it’s formation because of the tourist stepping on it. Now, the Cheltenham Badlands is being fenced by the authorities to prevent any deformity or damages from the people who comes over to see the beauty of little grand canyon of Caledon.

In my opinion, it is best to visit the site during autumn because the place is surrounded by trees, so the fall foliage adds as a great backdrop on your photos and you’ll appreciate more the beauty and colors of nature. ☺️

So how can we go there by bus from Toronto? Here’s what my friends and I did. And hey! Don’t forget to bring your Presto card it will save you some pennies. 😉 At Union Station in downtown take a GO bus 31F going to Georgetown and drop off at Mount Pleasant GO stop which will take you around 1hr and 5min ride. From this stop their is no public transportation going to the site so the only options you got is to take Uber, Lyft or Taxi. We took Uber and it cost us $22 which is not bad, because we split fares anyway. The view you will see on the road before the site is already rewarding, and way much better on the Cheltenham Badlands itself, so you can never complain 💕 I guarantee this trip is a great weekend getaway with your friends which won’t cost you so much and a great opportunity to take a lot of pictures as you can! So try this and let me know how’s your experience 💕

Broken Trust

My opinion goes like this – “It is more easy to fix a broken heart, than a broken trust” you don’t have to agree with this thought but that’s how I find it.

I understand why some people has huge trust issues. You have this feeling to the people you endow your trust with, that things can’t be any worst. Then suddenly everything got out of hand. In a way you even questioned yourself how did it end up like that? What happened along the way? What part did I missed? The so thought strong and happy moments, eventually puzzled into a big chaotic mess and you just don’t know where to start to make it in one complete piece again. You think it’s possible? Probably you can, but it will never the same as before–at least to me.

I may sound utterly bitter or in despair of the word “trust” and yes! Right this instant that’s how I am. I thought if I had cried it all out, I will be fine the next day but I wasn’t and then more days get by. I probably was hurt awfully.

I just keep on reminiscing the good times so I can shield the good memories that was shared. I’ll hold up onto those laughters and smiles until I’ll get over it and maybe revive slowly some of the trust I gave. I just hope it won’t take me too much time.

Prison Playbook Review

I find this korean drama funny at the same time, giving me chills on some episodes. I never thought I would end up liking it, to the point of me having the “this will be my last episode syndrome” every night LOL and since I am a fan of baseball, I didn’t want to missed this. The thing about kdrama is they are expert in making the viewers cringe for the next episode that you’re trying to ignore but you just can’t be resist- -I’m a proof to that! So here’s what I thought why you should watch the series:

1. Je-Hyeok and Jon-Hoo’s Friendship

Their bromance (brotherly love) is totally to the nth level! They set the bar high for their friendship. They had been friends since grade school and play baseball together, but a car accident made them went their separate ways. Je-Hyeok pursue baseball even he had an injury from the accident and become the best pitcher in Korea while Jon-Hoo went to school and pursue different things and excel from it.

The two meet again when Je-Hyeok was sentenced for a year of imprisonment due to aggravated assault when he tried to save his sister from a rapist, where Jon-Hoo is a correctional officer.Jon-Hoo is the one who protects Je-Hyeok from the crooks who take advantage of him inside the prison.

2. Reminds me of Prison Break

This drama also reminds me of the popular american series Prison Break, though the plot is completely different, the prison place looks like the same, the prison cells, the exercise area, the crooks and the prison life brings me back to some of Michael Scofield struggles inside the prison.

3. Renewing Oneself

It’s true that most of the person inside the prison did commit real crime, but some are not. There are people who we’re wrongly accused, some are paid to commit the crimes of others and some are manipulated to the crime they didn’t do. Yet, there are people who tries to renew their self and repent from the crimes they committed

4. Interesting Inmates 

Je-Hyeok has different interesting inmates, one is Kaist-the smart and sort of the engineer of their cell, he was convicted of gambling scam. Min-Chul a former popular gangster but he has a good heart, he is sentenced to 25 years due to murder, now serving his sentence sincerely. Valjean a young thief and found a father figure by Min-Chul. Doctor Go a manager from a big company that was paid to be in prison to take charge of the money embezzlement case filed against  the company. Han-yang a young rich person who is a drug addict and experiencing a withdrawal while in prison. Captain Yoo he is wrongly accused by murder when one of his teammate died by assault. Young-Cheol a young person that comes and out to prison because of his money loans.

These people makes the drama funny and exciting when their brotherhood is being challenged. They might have misunderstanding and some betrayals in between yet they always manage to settle it  and help each other around when someone in the group is in trouble.

5. Correctional Officers

Their jobs are no joke! It is not easy being around with crooks all the time yet they have sympathy with them and treat them as human being and punish those crooks that are trying to make some trouble with other inmates. The warden is also funny yet has his own ways of dealing with the inmates and with his subordinates. He is a fan of Je-Hyeok and turned the empty greenhouse into a baseball pit for him to practice his baseball so he won’t quit playing baseball. Prison officer Paeng, a fierce guard but totally has a big heart for the inmates he has a big scar on his arm by trying to save the inmates from a fire in a prison. Prison officer Na, he is the most strict among all the officers and always follows the rules in the prison.

6. Family Matters

Wherever we are family is always there for us no matter what. In this drama there are different family situations as well from each character. Some is longing for a family and found a family inside the prison and appreciate each other. Some struggle in prison so their family will not have a hard time outside. Nevertheless, they protect their family at all cost.

7. Love Affairs

I put this on last because this drama does not concentrate on love affairs of the leads but their love story is still swooning 🙂 Je-Hyeok and his relationship with Ji-Hoo the daughter of his former coach is funny because he is a bit aloof and dense sometime, like his trying to be cool but when he is with her he is just so into her. Ji-Hoo had like Je-Hyeok even when she was young but never realized until she asked him to date him. Meanwhile Jon-Hoo ended up dating Je-hee she is the sister of Je-Hyeok, she always had a crush on him since they are young as well.

28 years

It’s been almost three decades of existing in this very intriguing world and yet there’s still a lot more things to be discovered and experienced. I often wonder of many things, full of “what if’s”. Such as the academic course I should have taken, job I should have accepted, places I should have travelled, opportunities I should have seized, events I should have celebrated, routes I should have trailed and people I should have known better.

Twenties, are said to be the most memorable age of your life, in which by these years you’re expected to had finished your degree in college, got your first proper job, building a career you want, probably can afford to get your own place to stay and perhaps starting a family of your own.

Isn’t it such a busy years? Can you still insert some time to enjoy most part of it? Or you’re just too focus on your goals? Do you even have goals? Or still figuring it out? Just like me. I don’t know, I’m having a hard time figuring out what my goal is. All I know is I don’t have a lifetime to spend, so I have to squeeze in fun in my life whenever I got a chance to do it, otherwise I will definitely make time for it. I like to travel and experience new things as long as I can afford the fares. Hahahaha! You actually don’t need much money to travel, you just need friends in the destination you want to go for you to have a free accommodation and a personal tour guide and most important- the photographer. Kind of. 😃

Some of my friends thought that I have a lot of money to spend, because I travel a bit and I always keep telling them that I don’t but they don’t believe me. What’s the point in explaining when they already have a firm beliefs on their own. Whatever, I don’t live to pleased everyone and don’t have the energy to insist to change their mind on me. As long as we don’t argue then we’re good.

After 28 years, with all the things I had experienced, still there are so many things out there that needs to be discovered. That’s my drive! Wanna hop in?

Mind Thoughts.

Why do people run away? Is it because what they are experiencing is too much for them? Well, everyone has it’s reasons that’s for sure.

I do, sometimes think of just vanishing or pop out like a bubble when sometimes I feel things are too much for me to cope. I wonder what would’ve happen if I just got away in a blink of an eye. Would it make things better or worst?

We do know that weren’t the only person suffering in different kind of circumstances, yet we thought what we’re experiencing is the worst compare to other even if it’s not, I think we always exaggerate our problems and deepened our feelings into it like it’s the end of the world. When realistically, there are more people who suffers worst compare to us, that would make us ashamed if we happen to know what they are going through.

Every single person might have different ways dealing with there problems, others might think of ending their life and just vanish like your not an important person to anyone, others may act the other way around and change their self in form of rebellion or just to get lost really.

Nevertheless, I guess we should be more opinionated on this situations and be a little bit more open to someone because whether we like it or not we need help on this matter that shouldn’t be taken for granted. We for sure will felt in denial but we should find courage into ourselves that life is worth living.

Blood Donation:Saving Life

It has been my plan for a long time to donate a blood and finally it happened. I’ve been to different countries and Canada has been the most convenient for me to give a blood because it’s close to my place and has a longer hours of operation, considering the people who comes out late from work and open on Saturdays too!

Before donating a blood I tried to search from the internet for the do’s and don’ts, before, during, and after blood donation, just to get really prepared at the same time educating myself. I’ve searched what kind of food should I eat and fluids to drink. They will run some test for you concerning your blood pressure, hemoglobin, and some series of questions regarding your health background if you are capable of donating and must weigh at least 110 lbs. For that, you just got yourself a free medical checkup!

It might be terrifying for someone else to donate a blood, maybe because of phobias, a needle that will prick your arm, or something else, I am a bit scared as well but I’m more willing to give it a try and help someone through donating. A few minutes of donating blood, might means an extended life to someone else who will receive your blood. After donating, a complimentary snacks and drinks are serve to you to supply fluids right away to your body. (I recommend to take advantage of it specially the juice and water to let the body cope right away.) The feeling that you just save a life is absolutely rewarding. As they said not all super heroes wear capes. ❤️

A bag of blood, can be a lifetime to a person. I encourage everyone to try and donate a blood, it’s not just you save lives but also for yourself as well because it can do a lot of great benefits in your health that might surprise you. Happy donating! 😊

Steak Salad

Got some leftover steak and you want to make any new exciting from it!? I got your back try this super easy leftover steak salad. With just simple ingredients which I’m sure you have it in your pantry or fridge! Complications is not in this salad makes it more convenient ❤️


* 1-2 cup leftover steak; slice in bite-size

* Lettuce

* 2-3 hard boiled eggs; sliced in bite-size

* 1 cup cherry tomato

* 1 avocado; sliced

* 1/2 cucumber; sliced

* 1/2 asparagus; boiled & sliced (optional)

* Caesar dressing

1. In a salad bowl, layer first the lettuce.

2. On each side arrange the remaining veggies and egg.

3. On the center, lay the steak. Or whatever you prefer I lay the egg on the center. 😊

4. Drizzle the caesar dressing.

Coping with the Danes

Hej allesammen! I personally can consider Denmark as one of the best places on earth! as proof, it holds the title for the happiest place on earth for couple of years! this will attest my claim 😊. Living in Denmark for 2 years is one of the most unforgettable and memorable experiences I had. There were lots of “firsts” and “new” for me. First international flight, first snowfall, first snowman, first autumn, first spring, and first dane language. New people, new friends, new culture, new food and so on and so forth. I can’t write it all here I’m afraid the space won’t be enough 🤣

In Denmark, I live with the sweet and warm family in Kolding, a great and lovely town in the country side. Danish people are so accommodating and treats people equally in any form. We live in a house with an outstanding and fantastic view of the ocean which gives you a different kind of calmness in every season. Chilly vibe on winter when the sea literally turns into ice. It gets really cold that when a ship  comes to dock, a machine has to melt some parts of the ice first so that the ship can get through. On summer, the sun’s rays reflects on the water which creates a dramatic color and glittering reflection. The kids in the house are lovely and kind just like their parents. Having “Fredag Sliks” or Friday Sweets”,  sort of a Danish tradition every Friday, is my favorite day of the week! Eating goodies and sweets while watching “Disney Sjov” with the whole family is always a “hygge” time ❤️ the only treat I don’t like is the popular Danish “lakrids” or liquorice. I just don’t like how it tastes but  kids love it so much so trading sweets is very popular among us. 😅 A great addition to the family are the two big and fluffy maine coon cats. The Kehler family has always made me feel welcome and at home right from the start and it made my stay so enjoyable.

2013-04-01 12.34.29
coz biking is our thing ♥
2013-04-01 12.35.37
Lovely Kehler kids ♥♥♥
Charlotte and I picked spring flowers in Trapholt museum
Legoland with them ♥
Adam is making dinner for everyone 🙂
Philip and Adam at school ground.
Adam the police, protecting Charlotte ♥

In the span of 2 years I’ve been in school to learn the Danish language, which for me was very, very like VERY difficult and complicated! Like the spelling differs so much on pronouncing the words! It gives me headache when I thought I did pronounce the word correctly but in reality I am way far from relaying the exact word. But nonetheless after months of studying I can say I did learn something 😂. Not just that, I did meet new people from different parts of the world as well ‘coz our class has 15 different nationalities, It was fun knowing them.

I met a lot of other people as well during my stay. Some has been great and trusted friends while others were just born backstabbers! That’s why there were a lot of dramas. Ranting in social media which I find very immature and uncouth.  They were just nice when they are in front of you but hold up! Once you turn your back the ill-fated-personality-saga begins. So I say to myself “it’s ok to be nice but guard yourself from toxic people. Go with the flow but never forget where you stand” but well I know my grounds so keber to the ill-fated-people ui! 😝 On the lighter note, the good friends that I had bonded a lot in Denmark are still my friends till now! Thank you internet for keeping us online hahaha! 🤓

Denmark might not be a big country but there are numerous little towns that has a lot to offer to  people. Interesting history, rich culture and beautiful castles. My cousins and I tried our best to explore several intriguing and fantastic cities as we can. And that will be my next blog! Just hang on there ‘coz various write ups are coming .😊  All in all my stay in Denmark will be forever in my heart!  and coping with the danes are surely a memories worth to be treasured. Tusind tak Danmark

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