Warm Windy Summer Nights

Sitting on a balcony, facing the little backyard,

Wind blows the rim of the mini skirt upward,

Nights on summer with nice touch of air feels like an award,

After the series of dry and humid weather we had.

Sipping a can of alcoholic vodka,

Pairing another can of diet soda,

Munching a bag of crispy chips in garden salsa,

Listening songs on spotify on different genre.

Gazing to the moon that seems to me talking,

Wondering if it has to me have something,

Believing everything good has me keeping,

Smiling back coz I feel like it’s on me shining.

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Pain and Victory

Pain is said that you need to feel,

Not realizing it hurts like it peels,

Having no idea, you look already pale,

Everybody is going crazy to find you a pill.

They said you have to move on,

Walk outside and stare the beauty of the moon,

Wonder how long have you stayed in your cocoon,

Washed away the guilt like it was unknown.

Everyday is unique battle,

Stand strongly and avoid any rattle,

Face everyone like a brave eagle,

With confidence sounded loudly like a bugle.

It might not be so easy,

Yet you need to be feisty,

To overcome all the adversity,

And celebrate the much needed victory.

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All around Denmark

For two years, I’ve been wandering Denmark as much as I can together with my cousins and newly found friends. This country has so much to offer to everyone. Say historical castles, breathtaking fjords, home of legos-Legoland, water parks, gigantic statues, legendary vikings, and home of the world-famous fairy tale author Hans Christian Andersen often referred as H.C. Andersen in Scandinavia . To give you some ideas, well he’s just the one who wrote the remarkable “The Little Mermaid”, “The Emperor’s New Clothes”, “The Ugly Duckling”, “Thumbelina” and a lot more.

Here are some of my travels around Denmark. I’m only posting most of the popular destination and cities of the country.

Kolding, Denmark:

A quite city with both fjords and subnormal beaches, plus the old castles.

An enthralling town sheathed with snow.

Copenhagen, Denmark 

The capital city, where the royal family lives in a palace. The most popular tourist attraction here is th  iconic “The Little Mermaid” statue by the sea. There are also a few numbers of magical castles with mystical huge gardens in the city which is accessible for tourist.

Princess Ariel-from The Little Mermaid with her subordinates 🙂

Århus, Denmark:

The second largest city next to Copenhagen. It offers historical museums and an articulate set of arts.

Odense, Denmark:

The third largest city and the hometown of Hans Christian Andersen. We had the chance to see his childhood house and his museum, we felt that we’ve been part of his story for a short while.

Ribe, Denmark :

Has one of the tallest tower in an old church, where you can see the whole city and the neighboring town.

Esbjerg, Denmark: 

The place of the famous big four white statues that’s called “Man Meets The Sea”.

Blåvand, Denmark:

Place for beach lovers and solemn cottages. This is one of the favorite places to go on summer.

Vejle, Denmark:

The architecture in this city is very rewarding. The concept is outstanding so as the fjords.


Skagen, Denmark: 

This place is considered as one of the ends of the earth.  This place is famous for its great scenery and rich history.

At one of the ends of the earth 😀

Råbjerg Mile, Denmark:

The desert area in Denmark. Who have thought this cold country has a special desert hiding in one place?

Frederikshavn, Denmark:

This town is known for fishing and industrial harbors.




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In this dilema, did you have any realizations? How certain? or how shallow perhaps? For the time being, we are mandated to stay home for at least 14 days, for the purpose of stopping the possibility of spreading the contagious Corona Virus or CoVid-19 to anyone which is transmitted via small saliva droplets by sneezing, coughing and talking, which is now declared a pandemic. Schools are closed, and all non essential establishments. The government is only allowing the essential businesses to open like grocery stores, pharmacies, hardware and a few more.

Staying home seems like to be the new norm, it sure feels different but I just have to deal with it. Of course, this is not the first time that I am staying home for a couple of days, but just the idea alone that I am not allowed to go outside for leisure is conciously haunting. Whilst this time I realize that being outside; walking calmly with the nature and enjoying the fresh air is not a right but a privilege that I impel to ignore.

The more I convinced myself to stay inside, the more I am eager to go out. Weird huh? I’m sure a psychologist has a detailed expalanation to that. There are a lot of things that I used to ignore before this pandemic hits, which is totally making sense right now. I tend to disregard the sun that gives us light for the whole day and provides extra nutrients to our body, moon shares it’s luminous light so we won’t be walking in the complete darkness. The fresh breeze from the wind that gracefully sways the branches and the leaves of the trees. Sounds of the water gently flowing from the stream. Birds tweeting their unique languages. And hey never forget the sign “SALE” in the stores, and also sitting in your favorite food place. Meeting up with family and friends and shares laughter, telling funny jokes, eating and planning trips together. Pretty nostalgic but these are the things I kind of long for as of the moment.

But, staying home and confining yourself, is just a minor set back for a greater come back! By doing this with constant washing of your hands with soap and water or hand sanitizer, proper hygiene and observe social distancing while outside. This simple practices will make a big difference and will also help the community. Let’s help each other and our brave frontliners.

Quarantine. Hope. Pray. This all shall passed ♥


TharnType BL Series Review/Summary

I remember browsing videos on my facebook page sometime on the second week of February 2019 and there was a video scene of a clip of two hot guys bickering on who’s gonna move out on their shared room, and I just find it so funny. I checked the comments section looking for anyone who commented on what’s the title of the series and viola! It’s a thai BL series TharnType. Before deciding to watch the whole series I checked first the trailer on YouTube and it’s even funnier. Moreover it’s only 12 episodes! I don’t like watching any series that is more than 16 episodes 😅. So, I’ve never try watching a BL series before and TharnType did not disappoint. I think this review will be a long one might as well I say a summary. 😆

So, the story is evolves on Type and Tharn who shared a room in their school dormitory . Type is a super handsome country guy who plays soccer in his school with his best friend Techno and others. He has also a dirty mouth and says what he wants to say without considering others feeling. Tharn is equally handsome as well, rich and plays drum in his band and he is super hot 🔥, but he is openly gay.

Type hates gay, he always ridiculed them because he was molested by a gay when he was a kid. So when he found out that Tharn is gay, he openly said to him that he hates gay people and he cannot share the same room with him and asked him to move out. Tharn doesn’t want to move out because he believes he did not do anything wrong.

Then starts the childish act of Type who is desperate to make Tharn move out, he messed up Tharn’s area and scattered his things. So, Tharn plays the game of Type and did his revenge by scattering Type’s area too. Type was not retreating and invite Techno, Team and Champ on their room for a drink without Tharn’s knowledge, but when he came home and find them drinking, Type’s friend invited him to join them and praise him for being nice, which make Type annoyed. They drink too much that makes Type so drunk and ended up sleeping in Tharn’s bed, Techno tried to move him on his own bed but he was too wasted and Tharn said just let him sleep on my bed and I will teach him some lesson. Type woke up beside Tharn’s on his bed he was accusing him that he did something to him which make Tharn laugh and tell him the truth. Never did he know that Tharn kissed him while he was asleep. 💕

There are times that Type still get nightmares on what happened to him when he was molested, and Tharn calms him down when it happens, yet Type pushes him away everytime his sober and telling him that he despised gays and doesn’t want his help whatever happens. Time came when Type was sick and Tharn takes care of him until he gets better but he doesn’t him to know that he was the one taking care of him because he knows he hate him, so he asked Techno that if he will asked who took care of him when he was sick just tell him that it wasn’t him. But eventually Type found out from Techno that it was Tharn who took care of him while he was sick and missed his classes just to make sure his fine. So he bought food for him and asked him how much he owed for the medicine he bought. Tharn was happy for the gesture. Another problem came when Type was on hot seat when he insulted one of the LGBT in their school, they posted his picture on their page and he was judge by all the people in the school. He was hurt and didn’t go to his classes. Tharn talked to him and open up about why he hated gays and having nightmares, because he was molested when he was young.Tharn was so worried, and he help him cleared his name by talking to the LGBT and told them it was his fault why Type acted that way because he tried to make a move to him because he likes him.

Tharn told Type that what he said to the LGBT is true, which make Type speechless. Tharn keeps on showing his affection to Type which makes him confused about his feeling towards him, the hate seems to be fading little by little. One time when Type was in the shower he drops his boxer and when he opened the door Tharn was there holding it, and he immediately came into the bathroom and get intimate with him. This makes Type even more confused. Days passed they got to talked he asked Tharn what does he want to happen, and tell him straightforward that he wants him but he doesn’t wanna do it by force it must be consensual. One morning Type asked Tharn to have sex with him, which surprised him so much, Type said since he owes him a lot by helping him with his issues at school and when he was sick he will give him what he wants but only one time to make them even. Tharn was so happy and showed his love to him intimately. After that time they decided to be sex buddies without anyone knowing.

Champ one of Type’s friend, introduced him to a girl and they are now going out on dates. Tharn invited Type to watch his band plays on the bar but it falls same day as the girls birthday he’s dating so he said he can’t go and that makes Tharn’s feeling hurt and jealous. Type also told him that he will ask the girl to be his girlfriend. Tharn can’t disagree because they both know they are just sex buddies and nothing more, even if he loves Type so much. On that night when Type came home from his date, he goes straight to Tharn’s bed crying and apologizing while hugging him, saying he tried to sleep with the girl but he cannot coz everytime he kissed her or touched her he only thinks of him. Hearing this makes Tharn so happy and declares to him he is already his. After that their relationship seems to be running smoothly and only told Techno about their relationship. By the end of the first semester they decided to move out from the dorm together and rent an apartment together.

Tharn’s birthday is coming up and he invited Type to come to their house and meet his family as a birthday gift, but he is not yet ready to meet them. Instead he gave him a box of condoms as a gift. Type found out that there is another guy celebrating with them on his birthday which sparks his curiosity even more when he found out a drumstick as a gift in Tharn’s bag. It was San, he is Tharn’s first experience and Type is extremely jealous. San come to their school to visit Tharn and they have lunch together. There Type found out that there are so many things Tharn doesn’t like just like eating raw and spicy foods, that he has no idea about that he is just adjusting with him. He is jealous to the idea that San knows more about Tharn compare to him. One day on their apartment, Type saw San kissing Tharn, and he was furious and punch Tharn, and he declares to San that Tharn is his and only his and they are together! Which delights Tharn so much, that finally he can say to others that they are together. San was happy that finally Type has now the courage to acknowledge their relationship and leave them at ease.

There was a time when Tharn brought Type to his house without telling him because for sure he will no come, and Thorn his brother wanted to meet him. Tharn makes sure that it’s only his brother who is home, but to his surprise his younger sister is already their excited to meet him and more surprisingly is that their parents hurried back home when his sister called them telling Tharn has a friend coming over. Type don’t know what to do and asked to leave first, but his parents wanted him to stay for dinner and he cannot say no and he ended up sleeping over at Tharn’s bed.

Tharn asked Type if he can tell their relationship to Lhong his bestfriend and bandmates. When Lhong come for a visit in their apartment he was shocked about the news and become and easy and left. Problems within the couple are starting to pile up like another Tharn’s ex-boyfriend Tar, he wants Tharn back but he is refusing him because he is so happy with Type and he loves him. Type wanted to confront Tar about his doing on trying to ruin their relationship and found something interesting about why he and Tharn break up. He becomes the reason of the couples fight very often. Type asked Lhong to have drinks with him in the bar and feels that only Lhong takes his side about Tar that he is a cunning boy who wants them to break up. Tar set them up by pretending he is being dragged by a stranger in a hotel where Tharn was there as well to meet up a possible producer for their band. He saw Tar with the guy and followed them and saved Tar. Tharn took Tar in the hotel room to make him rest because he was punched by the stranger, there he declare his love to Tharn once again and beg him to come back to him, and he will do whatever just to be together once again, but Tharn refuses, and then right then Type and Lhong came in the room and find them both on the bed and Type was so hurt finding them together in a hotel room. Type look at Tar and said he won and he can have Tharn. He left the room very disappointed. Then Lhong told Tharn that Tar texted Type where they are to proved that you still want Tar back. Tar was shocked by what Lhong said but didn’t say anything. Tharn makes it clear to Tar that they will never getting back together and he left hurriedly to follow Type. He found him in their apartment packing his things ready to leave him, he kneeled and beg him to stay but he still left and told Tharn that everything he does is for his own good. On the hall Type saw Lhong and asked him to take care of Tharn for him. Then Lhong received a call from Tar telling him that he knows what he’s doing on people who is connected to Tharn and told him that Tharn will never love him back as he wanted.

Tharn was so devastated about the break up and he went home crying to Thorn. He didn’t go to class or play on the bar with his bandmates. He was hoping Type will come back to him and sort things out because he loves him so much. Lhong visited him on his house but he left without seeing him because he doesn’t wanna see anyone. Type stayed at Techno’s place and also heart broken on what happened between them. Techno tried to console him and offers him support. Thorn visited their school and looked for Type. They talked and asked him what really is the reason why he broke up with him, because he didn’t see Tharn so devastated as now. Type told the reason to him and make him promise not to tell Tharn about it.

Techno, Champ and Type are planning something to expose Lhong on his doings that he was the one who hired people to gang rape Tar so he will leave Tharn. While Techno and Champ are taking the video of Lhong and Type’s confrontation, Lhong finally admitted what he did because he thinks no one is perfect for Tharn except him who never left his side. Lhong punch Type many times when he found out he is recording their confrontation and wants to kill him, but Tharn together with Techno and Champ came to rescue, there he heard all of Lhong’s doing and punch him, he cannot believe the person he trust so much betrayed him many times that caused his heartbreaks. Lhong tried to asked forgiveness to everyone.

Type and Tharn are now back together and even become stronger after what happened and promised each other that they will be together forever. 💕 Type is now also open to everyone that he is dating a man-Tharn and they are both happy.

Awwww this series is so good! That after watching I was stalking their social medias account and their videos on YouTube hahaha and best a season 2 is confirmed!!!! I cannot wait what will happen.

Fragile Hope

When most of the people surrounds you tells you that everything will be alright and you just nod; when in reality you’re shivering on what the future holds; that you have a fragile hope.

I know hope is just a mere word but it’s just so powerful itself. Hope can empower us to do better and see glimpses of light on the dark. It makes us stronger and hold unto something promising that will possibly makes us breath freely with a beaming smile.

I appreciate those people who stays with you on not so favourable moments and feeds you with uplifting messages and guidance. Encourages you not to lose hope no matter what and reminding me that praying is a great armour in every battle we are facing in and in different circumstances we encounter.

I can’t blame someone who in-spite of overwhelming positivity they received, their is still a tiny bit of negativity in them—just like me. I just can’t help it; thinking what if’s: what if it won’t go as plan? What if that, those, this and more. On my defense I am just trying to ready myself perhaps; on the other side of the possibility.

Happy Baby

You who are sweet as a pine tree

Gives everyone a reason to glee

So people won’t have to wee

And keep dancing lively as a bee.


Times are rare when you are cranky

Smiling is always your favorite hobby

Hinting all of us not to worry

Because you are always the happy baby.


Most moments you are the best

Though sometimes, not have enough rest

We put you once in a while for a test

Surprisingly bring us into zest.


Whenever you are not the mood

Things are solved easily with a food

Forge all complex concern into good

And croak happily like a toad in a wood .

Carrot-Mango Smoothie

A smoothie that will start your day in a very healthy good way 💕

  • 3 pcs medium carrots (peeled, sliced thinly or grated)
  • 1 cup pureed mango (or 1 riped mango)
  • 1 tbsp honey
  • 2 cups cold water
  • Ice cube
  1. Put everything in a blender and blend for a minute or until it’s smooth enough.
  2. Add more honey if you want a sweeter smoothie.
  3. Serve cold and enjoy 😊

Cauliflower Soup with Bacon Gremolata

This healthy recipe is perfect for winter! If you want it creamy you just simply add cream of your choice.

Preparation Time: 10 minutes

Cooking Time: 45 minutes


• 1 head of cauliflower (cut into florets)

• 2 potatoes (quartered)

• 1 onion (chopped)

• 5 cups of chicken broth

• 1/4 tsp black pepper

• 1/2 tsp salt

• 2 bagels crumbled(or any choice of bread)

• 6 strips of bacon (cut into pieces)

• 2 tbsp Parmesan cheese (grated)

• 1/2 cup Parsley (chopped)

• 1 tbsp lemon zest

• 1 tbsp of oil


  1. In a medium heat put oil in a dutch pan.
  1. Sauté onion with salt and pepper until translucent, about 3 minutes.
  2. Add the potatoes and cauliflower mixed for a minute.
  3. Pour on the chicken broth and bring to boil then lower the heat and cover the pan and cook for 35-40 minutes.
  4. Blend the soup to make it smooth. Add salt if desire.
  5. Serve the soup with gremolata on top!


  1. In a cold frying pan lined the pieces of bacon and put it on a medium heat. Fry until crispy then transfer it on a plate with paper towel to absorb oil.
  2. In the same pan, put the crumbled bread and toss it for 2 minutes or more until golden brown. (I used black russian bagels to add color to the soup)
  3. Sprinkle some parmesan cheese and removed the pan from heat.
  4. In a bowl put the bread-parmesan mixture, together with the bacon and fresh lemon zest. Toss everything.

TIP: If you want the soup to be creamier add a cup of cream! Enjoy!!! 😊

self evaluation

I’d like to think to myself that I am a type of person who has a strong persona that whatever circumstances I might encounter, I believe that I can get through it, but it’s inevitable that sometimes things are too much for you to handle whatever effort you tried to exert just to make it bearable.

In times you feel alone and unwanted and too much thinking going on your mind, what do you want to do? where do you wanna go? Do you want to call friends and enjoy yourselves? or you prefer to be alone? go for a walk, run or just sit somewhere quite? Me, I’d like to be alone in any quite places most preferably something to do with nature and play mellow music on my headset.

Hello 30 💕

And just like that! -I am finally 30! Big number huh!? I remember way back time that I cannot imagine how is myself doing at this age. What am I doing exactly? I guess the safest way to answer this question is “I am enjoying life!”

By this age, I expect myself to be more matured and to have a broad scope of what life is. I should be more opinionated, positive and yet still a happy human being despite any uncertain circumstances I might faced. Perhaps, try to listen more about what other people think yet still holds your ground on what you think is the right thing to do.

Relatives, friends and acquaintances might bug you always the question of “When are you getting married?” Which at some point I find it annoying. I feel like they’re adding more peer pressure on your shoulder that burdens you even more. Why would I forced myself into something that I am not fond of? If it’ll come then keep it coming!

Loosen up being impulsive, like i see scissors then I’ll decided to cut my hair and have bangs and most likely regret it later. Save myself from “ON SALE” for dresses or any items I don’t need. I have this tendency of buying this just because it’s on sale even though I don’t necessarily need it.

For my 30s I hope to travel and explore more. Feel what life really means. I hope to get fit too and live in a healthier way. Minimize stress. Cheers 30! 🥂

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